Dante Kitchen & Bar


Located in the heart of the Amsterdam Historical center – and around the corner of Spui Square – you can find Dante Kitchen & Bar; and international Grand Café where everyone feels at home. 


Dante has an ideal location on the Spuistraat, between the Singel and the Rokin, and is easily accessible by public transportation, car and bicycle. Dante’s cosy ambiance and lively environment makes it a popular restaurant and bar for locals and tourists. With the ‘look and feel’ of a mundane grand café you would find in New York or Paris; Dante Kitchen & Bar fits perfectly in Amsterdam.


Take place in the big Chesterfield couch or drink a cup of coffee on the French-style, heated terrace on the Spuistraat or in the sun at the Singel. The timeless, classic interior is warm and ambient, but above all; it feels like home. The vintage, classic design – with a high wooden bar and high ceilings – is inviting to everyone; whether you want to have a drink with colleagues or have dinner with family. 

Opening Times

Monday till Sunday

from 11:00 till late


In the heart of Amsterdam

Dante Kitchen & Bar

Spuistraat 320, 1012 VX Amsterdam

+31 (0) 20 774 7473


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